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Property: Eyes wide open
From Esher Life Magazine - April 2014

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Bicknell Interiors in conversation with Gill Perkins about their property pre-purchase expertise

Buying a house in London or Surrey is an expensive business so you want to be absolutely sure you’re investing in a property that is going to meet all your needs. For many homebuyers, extending, renovating or re-building are serious options for creating the perfect home – but how do you know your plans will work before you commit to buy?

Architectural and Interior Design Practice, Bicknell Interiors, helps home owners to see the possibilities in their dream home before they buy.

It’s easy – call on the expertise of the team at Bicknell Interiors. Based in Ashtead, the company works across Surrey and London, and has been helping people create beautiful homes for over a decade.

“Bicknell Interiors is exceptional because we offer both professional architectural services and a full interior design consultancy,” says Chris Bicknell who, together with wife Barbara, founded the business in 2003. “We can look at whether a client can achieve what they want, and give them an idea of the cost to do the work. This helps them to decide whether this is the right property for their needs.”

“It’s really important to know in advance whether you will be able to make structural alterations,” adds Nicola Humphrey, the firm’s RIBA Architect. “So often, people buy homes with great intentions and then discover they just can’t make the changes they want to. It’s much less hassle - and much cheaper - to have these things checked out before you put an offer in.”

Bicknell Interiors also offers a comprehensive service for people who want to transform an entire property or just spruce up a single room. From initial consultation through to planning applications and building specifications, the company project-manages a wide range of residential improvements. At the same time, the interiors team, run by Senior Interior Designer Andrea Palmer, can be working on bespoke interior architecture for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, together with furniture and fabric selections, ensuring that your home is looking fabulous so that you can enjoy it.

“Our aim is to create homes that reflect the tastes and lifestyles of the people who live there,” says Andrea. “We never impose our own ideas – just advise, design and source all the elements that produce a room that looks just like our client imagined it would.”

So, if you’re in the process of looking for a new home, and you’d like to double check you can carry out all the alterations you’d like to, or you’ve already moved and you want to extend or change the structure of the property, or just bring the interior up to date, Bicknell Interiors will be happy to help.

click to download a pdf of the original article (271kb)

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